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Do you have to take the written and/or driven test to get a unrestricted license back after a 1st time DUI?

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I am beginning the process of getting my license suspended/revoken for a 1st time DUI. I have talked with a few lawyers and they said, when the time comes, I do not have to take a written or drive test in order to get the unrestricted license back. I was on CO DMV website today and it seems as if you have to do both but then again their website is confusing. I know I will be choosing to have the interlock and triying to apply after the 4 months for the unrestricted licence. Can I expect to take the written and/or driving test to get my regular licence back?

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The answer to your question may be dependent upon your age. If under 21 years old, you will indeed ned to re-take the eye, written AND driving tests. If over 21 years of age, you definitely must take the eye exam but the other tests may be waived.

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No. In CO, you do not need to retake your exams unless you have been under revocation or without a license for 1 year or more. Based on the information your provided, it sounds like this is a first offense with a BAC under .170 because you mention wanting to get an unrestricted license after 120 days of interlock.

If this is true, you do not need to retake any of your exams. Visit this website and link for your exact reinstatement requirements:

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do you have to take them to get your interlock/restricted licence? on the DMV website it states, "you will be required to qualify for this license by passing a written and basic drive test. if your driving privilege was restored by providing an affidavit of on ownership, the basic drive test will be postponed until your renewal to a non-resident licence or until you have a behicle equiped withan approved interlock device....

Rhidian David Watson Orr

Rhidian David Watson Orr


If you are being revoked for a first per se violation and are reinstating early, you do not need to take the exams. Understand that you have not provided the necessary detail of your circumstances for anyone to properly advise you and my answer is based on an assumption that this is a first offense, you took a test and the test result was above .08 but below .170. Since it seems like you will not be hiring an attorney, I recommend you call the DMV upon being revoked and they can walk you through your reinstatement requirements.


If you have a first DUI per se

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