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Do you have to register as a felon if you move from florida to tennessee?

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Son's Girlfriend had a felony drug charge. Took jail time after walking away from treatment that was court ordered.
Moved to tennessee 6 months after being released. Never registered in fl as was supposed to. Does she have to register if tennessee?

florida does not want anything from her. She was not on probation following her release from jail. According to florida statute all felons must register within 48 hours of release in the county the are going to live in.Be photographed and fingerprinted. She never did this . lived in fl for 6 months after her release and then moved to tennessee. does she need to register in tennessee or tell florida she moved out of state. My goodness, Neither state wants her. I just wanted to know if she could be in trouble for my own benefit. I am fighting for custody of my grandchild and if she was in violation of any law it would help. Why is it lawyers answer questions with questions. I found out anyway thanks.

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The real question is what does Tennessee want from her as a "felon." Does Tennessee have felon registration requirements?

I'm a florida attorney, so I don't know, but perhaps you should post this question with Tennessee as the questioner's location. Also, here's a link that claims to have an answer for that question, but I am NOT vouching for the source:


A more important question is what does Floirda want from her. If she was supposed to register or be on probation in Florida and did not comply she may well have warrants for her arrest in Florida including new charges for leaving the state without permission. She should consult privately with a criminal defense attorney in Florida, or her prior attorney to determine her options.

If she has violated her probation, she could be looking at prison time, if she has committed a new crime by not registering, she could also be looking at new jail or prison time.

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