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Do you have to pay the fees from breaking a lease or a months rent when you aren't there and they have the keys?

Spokane Valley, WA |

I just had to break a lease with an apartment complex. The lease was for 6 months and had to leave to return to where I lived before because of employment. I lived there for 2 months. They charge $1000.00 for breaking the lease and because I only gave them 15 day notice now they asked for the next month rent. Plus I turn in my keys. Can't they rent this place now?

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Attorney answers 1


They can rent the place and your liquidated damages of $1000.00 should cover the breach of lease and the next month's rent if the contract is written that way. The lanlord can re-rent and keep the fee instead of the normal procedure of waiting until final re-renting and sueing for the lost rent and advertising, this landlord wisely just set the price at $1000. 00 and you agreed at the beginning of the lease.

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