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Do you have to pay judgment?

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There was judgment issued against me because judge and I was defrauded by opposing party and I was representing myself. The defendant had not provided all documentation that he used in court (court cases). Obviously because he knew his court cases are not proper for my case. But I didn't object as I didn't know and judge mistakenly issued judgment against me even I should have win. I was trying to have judgment vacated but it was always denied. This judgment is from 1997 and I had not paid as defendant never asked for this money so I thought it will go away. I just found out that court automatically issues lien and accrues interest on the money. It is in thousands now. What can I do so I do not have to pay this wrongful judgment?

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What can you do??? Really??? What you can do is do what you should have done way back in 1997: HIRE A LAWYER!! Because you didn't want to pay attorneys' fees back then, you are now having to face that judgment. There is a possible way out for you, however, through bankruptcy. If you're otherwise qualified, you can probably blow this judgment out of the water by having it discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I and others in Pinellas County can help you do that.

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