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Do you have to pay all of your fines off before they give you your license back?

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No. License suspension unrelated to court costs or fines.


The answer is no.


As my colleagues have mentioned, the Penn Dot suspension is normally separate from the Court fines. However, if the Court ordered intervention or treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in connection with the DUI, then the license could indeed remain suspended until all fines and Court costs are paid. Essentially, if a defendant fails to successfully complete a program of treatment as ordered by the court, the suspension shall remain in effect until the department is notified by the court that the defendant has successfully completed treatment. 75 Pa. C.S. § 3816. Successful completion of a treatment program is defined in another related statute to include the payment of all court-imposed fines and costs, as well as fees to be paid to the treatment program by the defendant. 75 Pa. C. S. § 1541.

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