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Do you have to live in the area to attend a certain school?

Callahan, FL |

I live in Callahan and I really want to attend Hilliard Middle Senior High school. My moms afraid she will be arrested for enrolling me in the wrong school like another mother she saw on the news awhile ago. So I was wondering could I still attend HMSHS even though I live in Callahan? Its the same county, just different schools.

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If you are attending a public school, you have to go the the school that your address is zoned for, unless you obtain a waiver. They are difficult to obtain. If you want to determine the criteria for waiver, contact the county administrative offices for the school district.

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Each school has boundry lines that cover it. You need to find out if the address where you are living is within that school's boundry lines. Being in the same county does not necessarily mean that you would be able to go to that school. Each district in Florida has there own rules on this so check that out.

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You can usually get a waiver in Nassau County. You will need permission from Dr. Tilley, the principal of HMSH, who can be reached at (904) 845-2171.

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