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Do you have to have a business license to run a horse stable?

Snohomish, WA |

Thinking about opening a stable where people could board their horses and they could hire me as a trainer. Do you have to have a business license running a horse boarding stable and what happens if you don't get one? Also do you have to have insurance?

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You do need a business license. You need to check the zoning for your location to determine if you can run a business out of your home. Usually something like this is ok, but you need to check. Once you know you are zoned properly, a business license shouldn't be an issue.

You do not need insurance, though it would be a VERY good idea. I love new business owners, so if you would like to have a conversation sometime over your business, feel free to call me!

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License - yes. And I do agree about zoning issues, although you may be able to get a special use permit or variance. Insurance: I can not recommend doing any business without LIABILITY coverage, especially one which involves care and custody of other people's animals, and danger of injury to the animals, your customers, and especially their kids. Horses cause injuries.


Yes, you need a business license. Yes, you need insurance. And yes you MUST have written contracts, prepared by a local attorney, not just found on the internet. Contact Rachel Kosmal McCart,

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You should have a business license, insurance, and possibly create a business entity. The Washington State Bar Association Animal Law Section is having an all day seminar on equine law on January 29, 2013. It will cover topics of interest to you including insurance issues relevant to stable owners and trainers. We have a special rate for nonattorneys. For more information go the the Washington State Bar website and click on January 29, 2013 or give the bar a call.

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