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Do you have to disclose reason for medical leave to employer?

Statesboro, GA |

My husband was recently hospitalized for depression and alcohol abuse. I went to his work to put in vacation time for him while was in the hospital. They insisted on putting it under paid medical leave instead even though I repeatedly told them that was not what he wanted. They insisted on knowing why he was hospitalized. I told them I could not disclose that information, yet, they proceeded to tell me that they had to know. I was under a lot stress and afraid he would loose his job for no call no show if I didn't comply with them. Now he is looking at loosing his job. They have released other employees after returning to work for help in these situations. Can they do this or is it violation of HIPAA laws?

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Your husband may be protected under the FMLA (if the employer has 50 or more employees) and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act under these circumstances. You should contact an employment law attorney immediately in your area from the AVVO listings.

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