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Do you get drug tested during the green card interview if you've gotten a ticket for weed?

Northbrook, IL |

even if you got it off your record by doing community service?

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Any drug use during the last 2 weeks of your taking the green card medical test will show up in your urine. Best to forgo usage of weed altogether, as it gradually melts your brain cells.

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You do not get drug tested at the green card interview, but you need to gather all of your court records and discuss this ticket with an immigration attorney directly. You need to disclose the ticket even if does not have an immigration consequence, but getting something "off your record" in state court does not usually erase it for immigration purposes. Whether this has a consequence will depend on the details of the offense, you need to talk to an attorney directly. Good luck!

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Daniel Warren Thomann

Daniel Warren Thomann


I will add that as my colleague points out, drug screening is involved in the medical exam, but you will not tested at the interview - even if you've had a drug arrest.


No, there isn't a drug test.

But, you didn't get it 'off' your record. Immigration doesn't accept 'clearing' of records.

You need to get your court file.

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