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Do we send out the recruitment report when we apply for PERM online in PLC website using online form for immigration?

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We are about to file a PERM application with Department of Labor using the PLC website for immigration purpose. We have completed all the recruitment using all the required means by DOL and ready to file the PERM application with DOL.

Do we just file the online application in PLC website to file the PERM without any attachments or Do we need to include all our Recruitment Summary (number of responses received for each type of advertisement, all resumes etc) along with our online application?

The PLC FAQ seems to point me to JUST apply for online application without recruitment report. My research also points that recruitment report is submitted at the time of Audit and not during initial filing. Please let me know what is the preferred way?

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You submit only the online Form ETA-9089. You will have to submit additional information if the application is audited and will receive detailed information with the audit letter.


PERM Form 9089 on line applications are complex applications. I really urge you to at least have competent immigration counsel review your application prior to filing. We can help or others on this site. It takes approximately 4 months for processing and if audited another 12 months, their so backlogged again. If denied you will loose all the advertising fees and your time. BUT, the recruitment report to answer your question is only filed if there is an audit, in conjunction with all the resumes of applicants, and all the other mandatory documents, i.e. the all the ads, internal advertising, SWA job placement order, etc. I don't want to discourage you but even seasoned attorneys occasionally make the most mundane mistake on the PERM Form 9089 and the Certifying Officers are only looking for reasons to DENY not to APPROVE your 9089. Good luck.


You do not have to send it to DOL.

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The online form is what you have to initially submit. I would recommend contacting an immigration attorney to go over your PERM application before submitting. If the steps are not adequately taken, your PERM may be delayed for a quite a long time. Best of luck.

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