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Do we need probate to transfer a mobile home title into surviving name?

Pinckney, MI |
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Generally, a mobile home is considered personal property. If it was just in your mother's name, no one has the right to transfer it without authority from the probate court. You should consult a lawyer in your area to see if there is a procedure short of a full blown probate available.

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Mr. Jarrett's response might be correct for his state, but it isn't necessarily correct for yours ... for example, in California if the mobile home and all of the rest of your mother's assets are worth less than $100,000 you can use a "small estates affidavit" to transfer the assets - including the mobile home.

Check with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer in the state where your mother resided.

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One more thing. You should check to make certain that the mobile home is not real property. In Arizona, many mobile homes are attached to the real property and are part of the real estate they rest on. If the mobile home is in a mobile home park, I would recommend that you ask the manager. If it is not in a mobile home park, check the status of ownership of the real estate.

Arizona also has a small estate process. Also, titles to mobile homes are generated by our department of motor vehicles. We can transfer titles to mobile homes upon death, by special affidavits. Check the agency in your state which registers mobile homes. They may already have a simple procedure for you.

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In Michigan, a mobile home is usually considered a "motor vehicle" and title is represented by a certificate of title. This is considered personal property. There is, however, a special statute that applies to motor vehicles, in Michigan. As long as the value is less than $60,000, (and probate is otherwise not necessary), title can pass outside of probate, to the next of kin.

You would need to complete a Certificate at the Secretary of State office. There will be a nominal charge for the title transfer. A copy of the Certificate can be found, here:,1607,7-127-1585_1587_1588-23308--,00.html

Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance.

Best of luck to you!

James Frederick

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