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Do we need an attourney to make a Living Trust. Can I do it on an internet site? spacifically "Living Trust on the Web"?

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My husband and I would like to have a Living Trust. Is it safe for us to do this on a web site that specializes in Living Trusts.

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You do not need an attorney to make a living trust. Most free, low cost, or forms based trusts in which you do not meet with an attorney are like legal zoom or quicken. They have many problems with the current trust code, can be made with invalid information, and often do not accomplish what your need but more often what the average person needs. They do not usually address multiple marriages, children with special needs, or children from another marriage. I have written an article on 18 problems with one such trust that you may want to review prior to trusting a generic form to do what you and your family need.

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The article is using on Using Quicken in Florida: The Good, Bad, and Ugly


I liken using software or a document preparation site to prepare your living trust to selling your home yourself or hiring a Realtor. It is likely the inexpensive route will achieve a result that you expected to accomplish. However, you will never know if you achieved the best result or if anything was missed along the way. A good attorney will not only take your information and draft your documents but they should also educate you on the documents they are creating, make you aware of all your options and most importantly, let you know the pros and cons of your options. A good attorney will also create a document with sufficient contingencies, many of which you will not think of in your present situation, that will help your loved ones avoid having to hire attorney or goto court if they come up.

The bottom is "you get what you pay for"

Brian Chew
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I agree with Attorney Goldman and would like to add that an experienced attorney can give you a high level of 'peace of mind".


You will get what you pay for. Using a form may be less expensive today, but may result in additional and unneccessary costs later. Be careful.

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