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Do we have to pay the re-letting fee, if we have completed our lease and paid rent in full?

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Dear Lawyer,
My roommate and I, missed giving our apartment complex our 60 days notice(18 days late), concerning our move out date. We were then told that we would have to pay a re-letting fee of $1069, when our rent is $840/month. Are we required to pay this fee? Will this affect our credit or possible new lease elsewhere? We appreciate your help.

Thank you, for your time.

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Its impossible to answer definitively without looking the actual lease. However, most complexes will use forms that automatically convert to a month to month tenancy after the expiration of the natural lease term. One move would be to immediately send a certified letter, amending your move out date to sixty days from whatever date you can get it in their hands. You would then just pay whatever the month to month rental is (as listed in your current lease, usually higher), and then move out on the new date you gave them or at the end of the month.

This way you aren't triggering their reletting fee because you aren't giving them less than the 60 days they want. If they won't let you do this, then you may want to get a lawyer involved. Your concerns about affect upon credit and impact on future leasing are valid. If they turn hostile, they can and will do those things in a worst case scenario.

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If the lease provides for such a fee, then you are liable for it. Also, if you wait to move out to a later date, then you will have to pay rent to that date. So be careful in amending your move out date and giving a new 60 day notice, because you may end up paying two months rent ($1680) which is more than just paying the $1069 re-letting fee.

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It depends on the lease language. You should probably take it to a lawyer and let him review it. Alternatively, you could try to negotiate the re-letting fee.

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