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Do we have grounds to sue our apartments for making us move?

Dallas, TX |

We moved into a downtown apartment and disclosed the breed of our animal to the best of our knowledge (mixed). A neighbor complained stating we had a pit bull. The maintenance man entered our apartment stating their was a leak when in fact he was checking on our dog. Minutes later the manager delivered a letter stating we had to get rid of the dog or move. I have gone back and forth with the management and they insist my dogs a pit bull. Even if this is the case there are the same dogs in our building and even posted on our apartments facebook page, but that's being defended as those other dogs are a different breed. I have vet records showing my dog is a mixed breed (unknown) the apartments refuse to accept the records. I have audio recording of the conversations with the manager.

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This is a tough one. It will boil down to whoever has the better evidence.


If the lease prohibits pit bulls as pets and your dog has a percentage of pit bull, then more than likely a court will side with the landlord. The cost of going through the legal process may be more than the cost to relocate. If the landlord is letting you terminate early with no penalties or further liability, it may be better to go to a new location where you are not going to be harassed. Plus, once you start the litigation game with your landlord, the landlord will begin looking for any technical violations of your lease to get you out.

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A lawyer would need to know more about it to guide you


This is a landlord/tenant question, so I am editing the practice area you specified accordingly.

Good luck.

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