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Do we have free speech anymore? Alex Jones is running a free speech protest right now off Main st.

Dallas, TX |

Do we have free speech anymore? Alex Jones is running a free speech protest right now off Main st. Where is our 1st amendment and what is with all the restrictions?

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Are you venting or asking a legal question? Who is Alex Jones, and if this person is doing a "free speech protest" doesn't that mean free speech is alive and well to enable him to carry it out?

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Yep. The First Amendment is still in force.

What about Alex Jones' makes you think that it is not? The government has the ability to keep law and order. Was he stopped from interupting the Kennedy memorial service? Was that unreasonable?


To get a meaningful answer on this forum, Dallas, you need to state the facts and ask a question, both. One without the other does not give us enough information to help you.


Freedom of speech has NEVER been absolute.

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Avvo is not a sounding board for this kind of stuff. Consult a Constitutional Law textbook or ask a valid question.

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