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Do TX collection agencies (in-house or other) have to contact you to let you know your balance and that you will be reported?

San Antonio, TX |

This question pertains to all debt, including rental. If you can prove that you made contact (like sending a certifed letter) to request information, can that help?

I finally started sending checks to the address. The checks are directly from my online bank account, so there is proof that I sent them. I just found it odd that they would not respond. It would have benefited both of us for them to have replied at least once and it would be over with by now. I do know that the management company changed the month before all this happened. The old mgmt company didn't care and the new one did. Thanks for your advice~

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Creditors and their agents can report you to the credit bureaus without telling you first. Proving that you have contacted them isn't any help, but proving that you paid them would be.


Since your question is two-fold, so shall my answer be. If you owe the initial creditor the amount and there is no dispute, the answers are no; otherwise, maybe depending on the remaining facts.

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