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Do they need a criminal defense lawyer? what is the most likely outcome without one?

Lima, OH |

gotta friend, married to a soldier, bt they are seperated and have been 4 almost a year, (tho there is no legal seperation filed they havent lived 2gethr for almost 1 yr) they have a shared bank account which wsnt reported to welfare, fraud investigation has been questioning alot, and some documents were already turned in, however she lied about the income received bc the investigator is threatening felonies and prison, im tryin 2 convince her tellin them about the income is the best bet, however, shes to afraid bc of the idea of going to prison, she has a clean record, never been in trouble 4 anythng more then speedin or seatbelt type stuff, 1st offense on welfare fraud, has kids and is a single mom (bc of sep. ) what can she do, what are her possible punishments?

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hire an attorney before she speaks with anyone


Agree with attorney Kimbrell. Your friend should be careful about waiving her Miranda right to remain silent. She has an absolute right not to incriminate herself, and, her decision to remain silent cannot be used against her. She should immediately seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney whose communications with her are grounded in the preservation of attorney-client privilege (confidentiality).

This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as, and does not constitute, legal advice. The answer presumes you are not currently represented by an attorney who knows your specific circumstances.


Always keep in mind that any voluntary statements that you make will be used to investigate and prosecute you. I agree with the two previous responses in that you should seek the advise of an attorney and invoke your Miranda rights.


Have to agree with everyone, your firend should absolutely hire an attorney before speaking with anyone.


Police are trained to extract self-incriminating statements. Lawyers are trained to prevent that. Never speak to the police regarding a criminal matter unless you have an attorney at your side.