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Do they have to take child support out of my check?

Minneapolis, MN |

Ive been making voluntary payments since july 2013. Now child support is established. I owe 900 to the mother and 1000 to the county.. Am i able to continue to write checks to the payment center or do they have to take it out of my check due to being behind? id like to start the process of getting a homeloan and i dont want child support deductions showing on my check keeping me from possibly getting approved.

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It is automatically taken by income withholding unless both parents opt out of income withholding. Child support should not affect your credit or qualifying for a home loan.

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I am not sure how it is that such a change would affect a loan application since you would presumably be disclosing the proper information regardless. As to your question generally, at times parents agree that they want payments to be made directly to the other parent.

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I agree with counsel. The amount owed should be disclosed during the loan application process. I'm not sure that the method you're paying it off should make any difference.

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