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Do they have the right to sue me ?

New Iberia, LA |

I purcharsed a car from a lease to own company signing a promissary note saying i would give them 4000.00 of my taxes as down payment. The company figured them out and i was getting back way more than the down payment so i went ahead with it. Well when i went to actually file my taxes with them it was saying a way less amount. come to find out the first time they enter the wrong information. can they sue me for it if i give the car back

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Normally a contract is a contract. However, based on your information, their may be a MUTUAL mistake regarding the amount of the tax refund which would allow you to rescind the contract. Contact a consumer attorney in your area or go to

The answer given is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Dwight Bowen is a bankruptcy and consumer attorney and may be contacted at (404) 880-3310.

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