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Do the Pippa laws take all my fathers rights away

Salem, NJ |

my 87 year old father was in the hospital to fix his broken hip . He was put in a room with a man that had HIV and delirium the man was angry cursing had open blood in his nose was picking scabs and coughing my father had blood on his arms from needles there was know one in the room for hours at a time no thought was given to my fathers safety nurses were coming on my fathers side of the room that worked on the man with aids we all had to breath that coughing in a doctor came in to talk to the man and said you know you have aids and delirium what is my recourse thanks

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It sounds like you primary concerns relate to infection control - whether your father or your family have any risk from being in the room with the other patient.

My suggestion is that you speak with the hospital's administration about what you heard the doctor say to the other patient and the related concerns. Double rooms sometimes create "incidental" disclosures that while they may not violate HIPAA can create other issues. See what the hospital folks say.

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