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Do the financial disclosure affidavit have to be notarized? Do family court have a notary on site?

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I have a child and spousal support case coming up.

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Technically, they are supposed to be notarized. Often though, a support magistrate will simply allow a party to swear to the contents of the affidavit under oath. I'd recommend having it notarized anyway though because it shows the court that you're being cooperative. Many attorneys are notaries so you could simply ask an attorney to notarize your affidavit while you're waiting to have your case called.

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Technically yes, affidavits need to be notarized. Have your attorney or any notary notarize it. Also, make additional copies of the affidavit, paystubs amd tax returns that need to be submitted with the affidavit to the court; one for the court, one for the other side and one for yourself. If you do not make copies, then the court keeps yours.

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Yes, you have to notarize the financial disclosure affidavit. You are also best advised to have it notarized by an outside notary, rather than take the chance you won't find one available on the day of court. That said, I encourage you to have a consultation with a NYC Child Support attorney.

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Yes and Yes.

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