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Do the airlines/security check passengers for arrest warrants on exiting the country via plane?

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My cousin in the states seems to think he has a warrant and plans to travel back to the UK in the next month. He has travelled via plane domestically a few times he said with no problems, would it be any different when flying internationally?

PLEASE NOTE: The question is 'Do they check you on LEAVING the US' Thanks.

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Yes, it would be different flying internationally. Whenever he returns through border control, if he has a warrant, they will arrest him. His best advice is to resolve the warrant before he leaves the country or else he faces arrest upon return.


Just for clarity sake it's not the airline that does the security check. The airline gives the passenger manifest to Homeland Security who does the rest. My research tells me they focus on people who might have terrorist connections and do not search outstanding warrants.


I agree with the analysis of both of my colleagues, and also agree with the suggestion that he needs to resolve the warrant as soon as possible. Good luck.

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Yes, customs routinely checks all incoming passengers for warrants or security flags.