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Do social security investigators ever gps your car?

Columbus, OH |

A friend who is on ssdi thinks he may be investigated by ssa and being followed.

Do they ever attach gps to a car?

It most likely is his mental health (paranoia) causing his worries, but I wanted to ask.

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They do have an investigative unit (CDIU) that does such investigations. I do not think they can gps a vehicle without a warrant, but they certainly would not tell him if they had obtained a warrant. They routinely lie when conducting such investigations and tell folks they interview that they are investigating identity theft. Your friend probably is not paranoid, just observant.

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If your friend is committing fraud he may wish to stop immediately.

Until recently the government could and often did mount GPS units on cars and track them without any court’s permission. This had previously been found to be constitutional since privacy was not expected on a public street system. Just recently, in U.S. v. Jones, the court ruled that police do not have the authority to put GPS tracking devices on vehicles unless they get a warrant first.

Those being said, if your friend is suspected of fraud, agents could follow him to work, develop a case showing probable cause and obtain a warrant.


I agree with Mr. Wayson and Mr. Curtis. The SSA may choose to investigate any claim. You may wish to discuss with your friend if he has any concerns that he is involved in fraud - and encourage him to stop. If he is not, he has nothing to worry about.

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