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Do restraining orders go on a person's permanent record and can they be expunged?

Los Angeles, CA |

I recently got a restraining order against me for a period of 6 months prohibiting any type of electronic or telephone contact. I am about to start my career and I am concerned that this will surface in a background investigation and affect my chances of obtaining a job I might want to take. What can I do?

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There's no "expungement" of a restraining order, because it's not a criminal conviction.

The first thing you can do is prevent any extension or renewal of the restraining order at the end of the 6 months. You do that by NOT HAVING ANY FURTHER CONTACT with the person who got the order. NOT ANY means NOT ANY, EVER FOR ANY REASON; not to "explain" your side of things, not to apologize, not even because that person contacts you

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