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Do people who file a 1099 misc form get a refund from the irs?

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There is ordinarily no taxes deducted from pay which is reported to you on a 1099, therefore you are responsible for paying both the self employment tax and the income tax on that income. Whether or not you get a refund depends on your total tax return and a variety of factors. If that is all your income, and you haven't paid estimated taxes, then you can generally count on owing money and not getting a refund.


Generally, there is not withholding from a 1099, but this is not an absolute. But technically, you pretty much have to have withholding to get a refund.

Christopher Larson
Insight Law


It depends - if you are filing the 1099-MISC for a person that does work for you as an independent contractor in your business, then you can deduct that expense on your Schedule C, or on your business' tax return.

If, however, you are the person who received the payment, then you must report it as income on your personal tax return, and will be responsible to pay the tax on it..

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