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Do people in asylum office care about lives and problems of asylum seekers ?

Mission Viejo, CA |

It has been a year and still I haven't received my interview letter , what is wrong ? ?? ?
Anytime we contact them via telephone they say they have backlog and they always have the worst tone .
Do they hate asylum seekers ? Life is extremely hard for us , we live in fear and you guys don't seem to care about human rights at all . We are alone and things are as cruel as they can get . I am asking any attorney who reads this please send a letter to president or some authority explaining things in Anaheim Asylum office and ask for change . God bless you all . I will be praying for this situation .

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Yes. most officers do care about asylees. The Anaheim asylum office is experiencing long delays and many case care taking one year until interview. Consult with an immigration attorney to discuss your case more specifically.


Whether they care or not has nothing to do with processing times. Processing times are dictated by both the individual facts of the case and the workload by that office and that officer.

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Yes. In fact, they care about those issues so much that they take their time to process cases properly even if it takes forever. As to the rest of your rant, I am not sure Asylum Office officials will be reading your post. You are preaching to the choir. Like you, private attorneys here on AVVO who work on asylum cases, feel your pain but can do not much more than you can to assuage it for you.

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The Los Angeles Asylum Office in Anaheim is experiencing a much longer than the usual processing time due to the high number of applications. They have hired additional Asylum Officers during 2012 and 2013 with more to be hired in a near future in order to move the process faster. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do other than to continue to wait. Many of my colleagues and I have several cases pending for months at the Anaheim office which have not yet been scheduled for an interview including some which were filed in 2012. The Officers do care about your asylum request and take every case very seriously. Something you should know incase you haven't already applied; if your asylum application has been pending for 150 days or more, then your eligible to apply for and obtain an employment authorization card. This would allow you to obtain a social security card and a driver's license. Good luck.