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Do nurses with prior domestic violence convictions need to give up on their careers? (In Ohio). Is there Any Way to expunge this

Dayton, OH |

I am a nurse who got a domestic violence 10 years ago against my 'then 14 year old daughter. At the time of the incident I was working, and my employer never found out. The nursing board did not discipline me once I explained how I had been going through a divorce, just moved across the country, and the children were very rebelious. I was laid off from my job 2 1/2 years ago, and decided to go back for my Bachelors (BSN). I can't get a job! No-One will hire me even with honors in school, and 20 years healthcare experience. I am about to lose my house, can't pay my bills, and don't know what to do. I have devoted years to saving lives! I hear these are non-expungeable, and even if it was employers would still see it- please help...tell me if I need to start over :( Thank You

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1. 1st degree misdemeanor DV convictions cannot be sealed; lesser-degree convictions, such as 4th degree misdemeanor DV, or 2nd degree misdemeanor Attempted DV, can be sealed.

2. You could apply for a pardon from the Governor. These are very difficult to get.

3. You could try applying somewhere where they're desperate for nurses. The military? Out in the Bakken Formation of North Dakota? You're going to have more trouble finding a job than if you didn't have this, but I'll bet that you can find someone, somewhere, to give you a chance.

Good luck.


I agree with Mr. Holcomb, but I would add you to could try to withdraw your plea in the case and see if prosecutor would amend to something that is "expungeable"(the offenses listed above or a disorderly conduct) Then it would be expungeable. It would be difficult to do, but is possible, and may be worth your effort given your situation. I would talk to an attorney in the Dayton area.