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Do not trust theis Court Reporter. Civil Case. Is that illegal to bring a recording device to the hearing, just to catch lying?

Palm Beach, FL |

Maybe never be admitted into Cout for an appeal or as evidence, but I will be able to confirm their scheme. Is that ok to record and post on a website when the transcripsts are clrearly doctored and by any means do not match hearing preceedings or what was said in the Court Room?

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This sounds like a trip through Wackeyville, but if you're that concerned that there is a recording conspiracy against you involving the court reporter, pay for and bring your own court reporter.

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No. Mr. Castaglioulo, i belive that their Court Reporter is biased. What are other alternatives besides bringing a Court Reporter of my own at my costs. They have done that before.


As stated previously, you can bring in your own court reporter at your own expense. You might be able to record it on tape if you inform everyone that you are making a recording. It is not legal to record a person in Florida without their permission.

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As long as the recorder is visible to everyone, it is okay to record people talking. If it is not visible to everyone or agreed to, it is a felony.

But, I have never, never, never heard of a court reporter altering a transcript. Sometimes they make phonetic mistakes, but these are obvious.

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