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Do non-resident landlords pay taxes?

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I have a friend who is an international student on F1 visa. He rents a house and sublets the rooms to other people. If he makes a profit out of it, does he have to pay taxes in the US? I know there is a treaty that exempts him taxes from his salary of a position in school, but is it different when it comes to renting? What will happen if someone reports him to the IRS?

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I would take matter very seriously. If the friend is not paying taxes as required and is found out (someone reports him to the IRS), it might be grounds for revoking the visa and deportation.

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All individuals realizing or making profits on US earned income are subject to declaring and paying taxes on their US earned income.

The exception for some J-1 scholars you allude to does not apply in this instance. You got that right.

Make sure your friend consults with an accountant ("CPA").

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Not an immigration question, but "yes", he must pay taxes.

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This is an international tax question. In general he has to report the profit and, after deducting expenses - if any - he/she has to pay taxes. Also in general income from real estate is taxable in the jurisdiction where the property is located even if there is an applicable treaty. In addition, not all countries have signed a bilateral tax treaty with the US. Please leek for the advice of an internaitonal firm. Best.

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