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Do need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Albany, GA |

Hello and good day Sir or Ma'am. To the point, I was arrested in the state of Georgia 4 years ago for misdemeanor shoplifting although the arrest took place at the PX aboard a Military Installation. I, since that time have not received a letter from the court regarding a court date for a hearing. I was arraigned the same day of the arrest and was released on my own recognizance; I have no outstanding warrants at this time, or that I am aware of. Please advise as to whether or not I have legal grounds to request a dismissal of the charges based on the speedy trial act.

Respectfully submitted

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You need to hire an attorney. There are many, many factors that could have an impact on whether you could get this case dismissed or you may find yourself re-arrested and going to trial (I am working on a case right now where the original charges were filed in 1991). Sit down with an attorney and go over all of the facts and then let the attorney do some checking to determine the status of this old case.