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Do missiouri resident bought any property out of state, do he need to share this property with his wife in divorce, or not?

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if missouri resident purchased any property using own named title out of us , do he need to share this property with his wife during divorce or not?

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Property purchased during the course of the marriage, even if titled in your sole name, is almost certainly marital property. A few exceptions apply, but the question does not on it's face indicate the presence of any of those exceptions. So if this is marital property, as it seems likely to be, it is divisible in the divorce, yes.

If you're asking whether your wife or her attorney will find out about property owned by you in another state or country, that probably depends on the aggressiveness and skill of her attorney. Keep in mind, that if you do not disclose this property and she finds out about it post-dissolution, it will be considered after-discovered property, which she can pursue her rights in through court proceedings.


As Mr. Linnenbringer stated, the property will be presumed to be marital, regardless of whose name is on title or where the property lies geographically. You'll want to contact a local attorney to determine how to proceed in the divorce.

This advice is based upon limited and hypothetical circumstances. For an answer that is specific to your situation, please consult an attorney. The answering of this question does not create an attorney/client relationship, and the poster should seek additional information from qualified legal counsel. Many attorneys, like ours, offer no-cost consultations.

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