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Do military daycare centers on base have the same sex offender restrictions for picking up kids? in VA.

Alexandria, VA |

Would an active duty member convicted at court martial of sex assault where no violence was alleged be restricted from going to an on base day care center even though the base is considered federal property? Virginia classifies most sex offenders as violent especially felony convictions. Military 120 convictions are technically not felonies, but the states treat them as such.

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Start with contacting the base day care directly. Many of the Child Development Centers in your area (NOVA) are contracted out. Because they are contractors and not federal employees, there are some grey areas. Call the day care and speak with the Director to determine their policy on the issue. If you can't get an answer that way (or if you have concerns over making contact at all because of the Art 120 convisiton), go to Base Legal and see what help they can give you.

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Many 120's are felonies. There is nothing technical about that. But it does depend on the state law.
To determine if a military conviction is a felony you must look to both federal and state law where the person is located. It is true that the military does not classify crimes and convictions as misdemeanor or felony (despite the erroneous talk in that funniest of funny movies, "A Few Good Men."
If the person is a registered sex offender, then the military follows the same or similar rules.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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