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Do MIC's in Arizona go on your criminal record?

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i have previous MIP's in arizona and received one in michigan? do they transfer them from state to state. Will I be charged for my 3rd offense in michigan?

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Each state has its own system for compiling and maintaining your criminal records and each state record is limited to the crimes you were convicted of in that state. Your Michigan record will not show an Arizona conviction, your Arizona record will not show a Massachusetts conviction, ect. However, the court in Michigan could run what's called a "triple I" on you and see all of your out of state records. They are ulikely to do this automatically but might do it if they feel there is a reason to believe you have an out of state (out of Michigan) record.

I noticed you posted this same question yesterday - did you get the responses that I and another attorney posted?


An MIP in MI is a civil infraction as a 1st offense and a misdemeanor as a 2nd offense. If it is a misdemeanor offense in another state, it could be traceable in the national LEIN system. MI ties in other privileges with its MIP punishments so if an out-of-state conviction is found on the LEIN, an MI conviction could be enhanced.

A smart thing to do is get a look at your criminal record during your first hearing. How you will be charged will depend which court has the matter and the policy of that particular court.

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