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Do Lien Waivers need to be notarized in the State of Colorado? California Lien Waivers to not require notarization.

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These are lien waivers for my subcontractors to sign releasing our sites.

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In California, it does not need to be notorized. But, Waivers are similiar to a release, not filed and not a recorded document. If your referring to a Mechanic's Lien release, it must be notorized. I am assuming this is not a State Public Works project or subject to the Miller Act. I don't practice in Colorado, but this requirement would seem a bit unusual. There is a Construction Firm called Lorber Greenfield, etc. They have a good reputation in construciton. They probably have a lien dept including many offices including Colorado. You might look them up and give them a call. If your building homes in Colorado, you might have other questions as well. If you need any further, give us a call for additional referrals.

Tim Broussard, Esq
Kring & Chung, LLP

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