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Do lawyers ever appear at a court hearing on behalf of a plaintiff?

Terre Haute, IN |

I have agoraphobia as well as horrible social phobia and I will have a court hearing regarding child support, rights, visitation and such after the DNA test. I tried everything to get this test dropped, I even told the court that he does not father the children when he does. Well to make a long story short, he is a chain smoker, has a drug and alcohol problem and long documented criminal history. I have no personal support or guidance on what to do, while he has all kinds. I can't go to court (only a true agoraphobic and social phobic would understand). All he wants is free rights, he will not pay child support, he doesn't even work. I'm on disability for my condition yet can't afford treatment since my entire income goes on my kids. I just don't know what to do.

It would certainly be against the best interest of the children to give him visitation. One of the children also has a disability similar to mine and is also developmentally disabled, which the father has a low patience for even though he is not too smart himself. The kids are obviously happy and healthy now, they even have perfect attendance at school. I would have a problem with them being around the constant smoke, he has absolutely no respect. He can blow smoke right in someones face with out thought. But since my verbal communication skills are so poor, I will have trouble relaying important information.

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Of you file a claim and then do not appear in court the Judge may dismiss the matter for failure on your part to appear... An attorney can not appear on your behalf without you present..

However, depending on the venue it may be possible to have you appear by phone.


It would not look good for you to not show up.

READ THIS BEFORE CALLING OR EMAILING ME: I am licensed to practice before the state and federal courts in Virginia. We have not established an attorney-client relationship unless we have a signed representation agreement and you have paid me. I give a 100% effort to get you on the right track with your issue. Sometimes that means legal educational information, sometimes that means counseling and non-legal guidance. You should speak with an attorney to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights. I am not obligated to answer subsequent emails or phone calls unless you have hired me. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.



But what if I showed up a nervous wreck, sweating profusely, dizzy, sick, lethargic, vomiting, and barely able to stand because I cannot deal with the situation? Even though it has nothing to due with my ability as a parent, do you think it would look better than not showing up at all?


Both you and your attorney should show up to court.