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Do landlords have to paint the interior of a home before a new tenent moves in

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i have rented a home from a property manangement for the past 2 years and put a deposit down on another one of there rentals and when i looked at the home it was clean execpt for the walls i asked if they were going to paint them and was told no i then asked if they were going to at least wash the walls and was told no but yet i am required to wash the walls have the carpets cleaned ect....were i live now in order to have my deposit refunded and if i dont they will hire a pro cleaning company to do it and take it out of my deposit

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Unless the unpainted walls substantially endanger or impair the health or safety of the tenant, the landlord would not be required to paint them for a new tenant under the WA Chapter 59.18 RCW (Residential landlord-tenant act). The statutes are at .

The local governments (city or county) may have ordinance requiring the painting.

Alternatively, your rental agreement may require the landlord to paint the walls. You should review your rental agreement to see what each side agrees to do.

You should record by video or photographs the condition of the rental when you first move in so that you have evidence should the landlord later charges you for pre-existing conditions.

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