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Do Juvenile Felony Charges carry over to your adult record in the State of PA

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My son was charged with conspiracy to armed robbery when he was 17 years old. He was with a group of kids and the ring leader robbed a boy with his finger under his shirt, pretending it was a gun
My son is now an adult, 20 years old, and he is being charged with possesion of a firearm without a license. He was told that because he is a felon he can never carry a firearm, and was told he could possibly do 5 years in prison. I can't afford a lawyer and I just wanted to ask you professionals on here if this information is correct.
Does the record carry over from juvenile to adult, and can he do 5 years in prison?
Thank You.

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If your son had a juvenile armed robbery then yes.

The Statute is 18 Pa CSA 6105 (8). It provides (8) A person who was adjudicated delinquent by a court pursuant to 42 Pa.C.S. § 6341 or under any equivalent Federal statute or statute of any other state as a result of conduct which if committed by an adult would constitute an offense enumerated in subsection (b) with the exception of those crimes set forth in paragraph (7). This prohibition shall terminate 15 years after the last applicable delinquent adjudication or upon the person reaching the age of 30, whichever is earlier.

If he only had a conspiracy charge, there may be a defense based on a closer reading of the statute.

You son may qualify for a public defender. He should apply for one ASAP.

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