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Do juvenile criminal records get sealed automatically in Pennsylvania once the child has been released from probation?

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Child was 13 and is now 17. She completed probation and received her letter from the Court stating she was released from probation and her case closed. Will a background check done by an employer be clear at this point or will her record only be sealed once she turns 18? (She is only 24 days away from being 18)

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The records may or may not be opened to the public depending on the crime charged. Usually juvenile records are not public so in effect they are closed to the public.

Under 18 Pa CSA 9123 you or your daughter should try to have the record expunged. If she just got off probation I think she has to wait 5 years. It depends on what type of probation she was on. She could also try to get it expunged after she is 18 if the DA consents.

I suggest your family call a lawyer and look into the expungement. Do not rely on the Court to keep the record closed. Maybe you can get it done now, may you have to wait but at least you will know what to do and when to do it.

Get the expungement as soon as your daughter can.


In agreement with the above, your best tactic is to get the item expunged so that it will not be easily accessible to the public. Make sure that all parties involved are notified to remove the documents from their forms of record keeping in the expungement. Contact a lawyer that you are comfortable with that will be able to help you through the process of getting the record expunged.

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