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Do I wait thirty or Ninety days to file the remaining part of my divorce?

Carlisle, PA |

I am using a do it yourself divorce program and paid for it and verified with my county court house that they do except them however I did the notary part incorrectly I filed and paid for the acknowledgment part and got a docket number from the court house now do I wait ninety or thirty days to go to the notary again and then take and file the rest of the divorce papers with the court house????? Please help

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You get what you pay for indeed. Divorce actions are driven by procedural rules. You should reconsider and retain an attorney. You may miss a procedure and unnecessarily delay or harm your case.


It's 90 days from the date of service of the divorce complaint on the defendant.


I'm not sure what documents you had notarized. There are very specific rules that have to be followed in order for a divorce to be granted. You could find yourself starting over again if it was incorrect. If you're talking about the time between service of the complaint and execution of the affidavit, then it's 90 days.

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