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Do i sue my short term disability insurance company?

Monroeville, AL |

I have short term disability insurance and i want on leave for my should and foot. I have to have surgery on my foot so i file a claim and my insurance first said they didn't have my doctor statement. Then they close my claim said i didn't have insurance with them so my employer got them straight with both problems. Now they close my claim again saying i want back to work and i haven't want back to work. I'm not schedule to return back to work until July 1,2013. What do i do about this problem.

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Talk to a disability attorney who handles ERISA claims. Most will provide free consultations. They will want to see, most likely, your policy and correspondence from the insurance company.

Good luck.


You should contact an attorney who deals with ERISA disability claims as soon as possible to discuss this termination of benefits. There could be time limits and steps you must take when challenging a denial or termination of benefits under this type of disability plan. It can be very important to meet all of these requirements. The time limits can often be found in the letter terminating your benefits and/or in the plan documents/policy itself.

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