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Do i still need to pay child support for my 19 year old son if he isn't going to college

Lansing, NY |

my son is going to be graduating in a year and has no intentions of going to college. i was wondering if i'd still be responsible for paying child support if he doesn't continue his education. his mother lives with her boyfriends parents works two jobs and has a child with her boyfriend. i'm currently married with 3 children with my wife. i pay child support too two different people. my ex-wife who has one of our sons while me and my wife have the other and to my daughters mother. my ex-wife and i entered into an oral agreement 7 years ago to stop child support and she closed out the case because we each took one of the kids. she then needed assistance and they reopened the child support case, i have been paying child support for both of the boys including the one i have custody of

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Under NYS Law parents are obligated to support their children until the age of 21, unless they are emancipated earlier. You have a few issues here:

1) Do you know what your sone will be doing when he graduates? working? military?
depending on what he does and where he lives, you may be able to vacate support based on emancipation

2) You say you are paying support for the child who lives with you. Did he move in with you after the support order or before? If it was before, I suggest you read the order, you may be paying a net support amount.