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Do I still need to install interlock device after 2 years

Carson, CA |

I received a dui 2 years ago. I have paid all fines but I still haven't installed an interlock device. I have gotten use to riding my bicycle. License has been suspended for 2 years now. Do I still need to install the interlock for the 6 months to get my license reinstated?

I have taken all the required classes and meetings as well. Dui occurred in los angeles county. I ended up taking a plea with the DA. Its 2 years probation and install iid for 6 months. I could have installed device at anytime after the conviction. In order for me to get my license reinstated I need to have that device installed. Just wondering if I still am required to do it.

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Does your consent judgment, probation terms provide for a 2 year suspension first and then an additional 6 months of the interlock device. Likely not. Read the judgment language and look for the specific terms provided. Add that to a comment so we can see what the judge has specifically stated or alternatively take the judgment of conviction and the other documents you received to a criminal attorney near you. Should not be more than $200 and 30 minutes of time to answer your question for you.

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It is highly likely if you are asking for a restricted license or asking to shorten your suspension. If you have completed your suspension in full, then it is less likely. There are not enough facts supplied to provide a meaningful answer. I suggest contacting an attorney to review the facts and develop a strategy. Many reputable attorneys offer a free consultation.

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Hire a criminal lawyer to handle this matter.