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Do I stand a chance at contesting and winning?

Mansfield, TX |

Got a moving violation on 4/20 in Mansfield, TX. 47 in a 30. However, 6th Avenue, from Broad Street where I turn south onto 6th down all the way to Airport, where I turn east, has no posted signs. Have video to prove. Figured it was at least 40 to 45. Road looks like a highway with yellow strips.

Airport is listed at 40 mph. Trying to figure out if I can beat this one because I don't think this was fair at all.

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Not seeing the sign for 30 mph is no defense. And just because the video has no sign in the area you video taped is likely not even admissible evidence. Indeed, not knowing the speed limit is an admission by you that you probably were not paying correct attention to your driving, or at least some judges I have been before has so stated. If you knew the airport was posted at 40 pmh why were you driving 47 mph? That is another admission that you knew you were above the speed limit and kept on going so you better not mention that at the hearing, either.

I do not see that what you raised is a winning defense. Contact a local lawyer if you want to fight it and maybe he or she can come up with something more for you.

Good luck.

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Since speeding tickets are strict liability crimes, you wold have a hard time creating a defense, unless of coure you were not speeding.