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Do I report the R&B I receive from my son's rep payee account as taxable income to myself? I have been told both yes and no.

Huntington, WV |

My child is 24 years told and receives full benefits, I am told he is considered "independent" for tax purposes. I also don't know how to save the income he receives as I am told he cannot keep over $2,000 in any given month, and I have saved some money for him.

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I'm guessing that since nobody has answered this question that the attorneys are either confused by your question or unsure about the law in this area. My recommendation is that you consult a tax professional. That could be a tax attorney, but more than likely, it is easier just to contact your neighborhood tax adviser. It's difficult to know what the IRS qualifies as gross income without studying this area full time. Good luck.

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