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Do I really need to pay my civil demand from walmart?

Oklahoma City, OK |

I am 19 years old and for the first time I shoplifted and got caught. The total value of the two items was $5.39 from walmart. They took my information and I returned the undamaged items. I was told I was just recieving a warning and there were no charges. They also told me that the civil demand letter would come in 7-10 business days, if at all since they feel it was a misdeminor. Well I recieved the civil letter for $100 and I am debating if I should pay it or not. Alot of people said that they most likely wouldn't prosecute if not paid, but if they do then it's big trouble. Advise please?

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The filing of criminal charges is a decision made by the district attorney or city attorney, not walmart. I have never heard of a case where walmart filed a civil lawsuit over non payment of the demand. You are under no obligation to pay the demand and it is not money owed. If the merchandise was recovered without and damage to it, then they have suffered no damages so would be difficult to obtain judgement of any value...especially from a young person as they normally do not have a lot of assets.

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