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Do I really need a lawyer for a child custody case?

Fayetteville, NC |

I want my child back. The father staturory raped me when I was 15. I know there is no limits on staturory rape. I wanted to know what is the best way to handle this situation.

I need a lawyer but I am not able to pay for one. I will give you anything that I have just to have a lawyer to get my daughter back. She cries everytime when it is time for her to leave and go back to him. The father and his friend are really mean to her. The tell her to shut up and when she is crying when I drop her off the shrug it off and says that nothing is wrong with her. I really need some help and I dont know what to do.

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If you can afford to hire a lawyer, do it. If you cannot afford a lawyer, please call NC Legal Aid at (910) 483-2763 or (866) 219-5262.

The laws about the way the child is conceived are different than the laws that relate to parents and custody. But these laws are related, so you want a good lawyer to help you sort through the similarities and differences. Statutory rape is a crime, and the punishment might include jail time. If your child's dad is convicted of this crime it might have an impact on custody - but it might not.

In NC, courts decide the custody of children based on what is the best interests of the child. As between you and the child's father, the court has to decide who can provide a better environment for the child - or is the child better off going between the two of you equally. Again, a good lawyer will help you explain to the Judge why your child would be better off spending most of his/her time with you. Good luck.

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