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Do I qualify to be emancipated?

Conifer, CO |

I am 15 and live with my mom, dad, and sister. We live in Colorado. My mom and dad are constantly fighting about something, and my sister is partially mentally il. This leaves me to do 99% of the cooking, cleaning, etc. I also get yelled at for things I don't do right constantly. I am on medications for OCD and MDD (major depressive disorder) onset by these events. Also, my therapist has told me on several occasions she can not help me anymore. I can live with my aunt in California. I attend school, and plan to go onto higher education as a music major, and can get a job. Do I qualify to be emancipated?

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No, but you may qualify for intervention by child protection services. I would advise speaking with the aunt you could live with to determine if your parents will voluntarily allow you to go to CA with her. You have to be earning a living, independently living and supporting yourself to be considered emancipated. You do not meet these criteria but if things are as bad as they sound, you really need to seek out help for yourself. I wish you well.


I agree with Mr. Littman. It does not sound like your living situation at home is meeting your needs. You should talk with your aunt or seek the help from other adults around you, such as teachers. It also sounds like your family as a whole may benefit from some assistance. Maybe your therapist can direct you to a person or place that can help you.

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