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Do I qualify for relocation assistance for a non-rent controlled single family house on a month-to-month lease in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have been renting a single family house for 15 years in Los Angeles. I initially signed a 1 year lease and after that I have been a month to month tenant for 14 years (no month-to-month K but have evidence of rent pmts). The owner of the house died and the owner's daughter wants to sell the property. She called me yesterday and told me that I will probably have to move in 60 days.

What are my rights and am I entitled to relocation assistance? My partner is also legally disabled.

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According to the LAHD, even if your rental unit is not covered by the RSO, if the landlord intends to convert the unit to condos or demolish the unit, you are entitled to relocation fees.

You should contact the Los Angeles Housing Department to confirm whether or not you are entitled to relocation assistance.


Check with the rent control board, or with a local landlord tenant attorney.
But, if the new owner wants to sell the property, unless you have a written lease, you are not generally entitled to relocation costs.
Check the guide at the link below for more information.