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Do I qualify for an annulment in florida

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I met my wife on south beach an we fell in love way to fast. She moved here from switzerland an we filed for permanent residency. No less then 4 months later I find a mans number saved under her sisters name an a text to go have breakfast. When confronted she blamed me an said I dont show her love am in a weeks time moved out an said she doesn't love me an doesnt wan't to live with me. It has only been five months since marriage.

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No. You would have to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.


No, you have not stated anything that would allow you to have your marriage annuled.


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From the information provided in the post, an annulment is out of the question. As Mr. Famada stated, a dissolution of marriage what you need to file. If you have further questions, I would recommend that you consult with an experienced local family law attorney to discuss your potential legal options. I hope this helps and good luck.



Even if she only maried me for papers an thought she could maybe grow to love me


No, not for an annulment based on the information you have provided. If that man whose number you found is a prior husband from an undissolved marriage then I would re evaluate my answer. You do qualify for a dissolution of the marriage based upon the definition of a short term marriage in FL. Your obligations to her under those circumstances are very limited and are not based upon the fault of either party. For further information call for an appointment at 954 522 1922

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