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Do I need to worry about assault charges?

Newport, TN |

I have an 18 year old child who has been involved with the wrong kind of friends. My child disobeyed rules and I gave her the option to follow my rules or leave. She chose to leave with friends that are "bad news". During the process of her leaving my family and other children were upset at the poor choice she was making and I tried to go out to get her to speed up the process so the other children and myself didn't have to continue to watch. Emotions were high and the "bad influence s" began to provoke me and make statements about my parenting and how I should allow my kids to live their Lives (they are shoplifting, drinking and doing drugs) they are high school seniors and I told one of them that I dared them to come back when they were 18 and say the hurtful things they were saying...

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I'm missing something: where's the assault?

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I asked if she was 18 yet and dared her to come back when she turned 18 and say those words to me. She is 17 and will be 18 in two months. I can honestly not remember if I said I would hit her..just remember asking if she was 18. I was watching my daughter making biggest mistake of her life and emotions were heated. The girl involved taped conversation and threatenes to turn me in. I am 40 year old mother of 4 and never been in trouble a day in my life and only trying to protect my children and raise decent kids.


First of all I would recommend that you not post specific facts about what happened on a public website because anything that is said could potentially be used against you in court. However, that being said it does not appear that an assault occurred based upon the scenario which was described. In TN, in order to commit an assault you must either cause bodily injury to another person, cause offensive physical contact with another person, or cause another person to "reasonably fear imminent bodily injury." Based on the scenario above there does not appear to have been any bodily injury or offensive physical contact. Also, if the statement was made "come back when you are 18..." (i.e. at a later date), it would not indicate a threat of "imminent" bodily injury, merely the potential for a future altercation.

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I agree with Mr. Bell, don't post specific facts on a public website where anybody can read about them. From what you have posted, it doesn't sound like an assault occurred. If a charge is brought, contact an attorney for a consultation. If you can't afford to hire them, request the public defender.

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